Organizational Development Services

Define the results you need, map the way forward,
embed lasting change.

At M Powered Strategies (MPS) we take a holistic view of the organizations we support, beginning with the culture, then drilling down into resources, processes, and structure. Our team works closely with the client to diagnose needs, assess capabilities, and create a detailed map to get to the desired state as smoothly and as effortlessly as possible. We are there for the change process and, once the new design is in place, continue to conduct periodic evaluations to ensure it meets our high standards.  If further optimization is required, MPS will provide the necessary tweaks and training to ensure that the aggregate processes drive directly to mission.

Services Provided

  • Strategic Planning – MPS uses the industry-standard balanced scorecard method to map your goals and gauge the milestones along the way.
  • Organizational Change Management – MPS provides a structured and disciplined approach to implementing the necessary change without disrupting ongoing efficiency.
  • Organizational Analysis and Assessment – MPS analyzes the complete organization to help clients better understand, document and manage all its aspects and operations.
  • Business Process Design and Re-engineering – MPS helps you fundamentally rethink and re-define your processes to reduce costs and increase productivity and consistency.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning – MPS aligns your resources to the organizational mission and vision.
  • Performance Management – MPS designs and implements systems to measure the performance of resources as well as processes.

Past Performance

  • Department of Veterans Affairs (VA): Optimized multiple offices by charting their scope, documenting their responsibilities, delineating tasks, developing performance metrics, and establishing an overarching framework to improve performance and coordination.
  • Department of Health and Human Services (HHS): Provided organizational analysis in the Domain Governance Office to establish updated mission statements, organizational structure, and overall strategic approach.

The M Powered Strategies Advantage

  • Experienced organizational consultants have expertise in diagnosing needs and finding design solutions for different types of government offices.
  • MPS’ comprehensive view encompasses all aspects of an organization, including human capital and inner structures, processes, and culture, to ensure that the changes achieve desired results and have staying power.
  • MPS employs a range of methodologies in project management, business process re-engineering, and facilitation, to bring about mission alignment as well as efficiency and stability.

Download the Organizational Development Overview as a printable pdf