Professional Readiness and Effectiveness Program (PREP)    

Motivated workers trained for excellence.


The Professional Readiness and Effectiveness Program (PREP), an ANSI Accredited Program Certificate Issuer - 1129, offers a holistic approach to developing knowledge workers for organizations seeking to improve their workforce and maximize effectiveness. Its structured methodology supports the development of well-rounded professionals, with a 25-week apprenticeship that includes practical engagement, strategic training, analysis, and measured progress oversight.

PREP apprentices gain measured progress in multidisciplinary analysis, consulting approach, and professionalism, areas which are identified by senior executives, managers, and industry leaders as essential to superior individual performance within an organization. For the apprentices, the program is grounded in experiential learning, and skill development targeted to produce action-oriented and immediately impactful results.

The PREP curriculum is offered in three programs, each aligned to overarching learning outcomes, but tailored to three distinct audiences to maximize impact.

Private Sector

Public Sector

The M Powered Strategies Advantage

  • The PREP Curriculum Model clearly frames all the skills and competencies, and defines measureable learning outcomes. Analytical thinking and problem solving at the core of our methodology generate a transferable foundation for accelerated performance growth. 
  • MPS’ rigorous selection process assures high-caliber apprentices and challenging training sessions.
  • Certified and experienced MPS team delivers a multidisciplinary curriculum, focused on specific skill development and applied learning to meet the needs of clients as well as apprentices. All of our trainers have direct experience in Federal Government consulting, business development, and/or education with specific practical experience in their respective training topics, including federal budgeting, contract pricing, strategic planning, communications, and dispute resolution.

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